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Raised Printing, or Thermographic Printing, is a post print process that produces a glazed ink finish on text or images within a printed product.

The glazed, raised texture of the print creates a 3D appearance to enhance the look of your printing.

It is most often used to produce a high quality gloss embossed print result on business cards, invitations, letterheads and exclusive stationery.

Raised Printing specialises in this technique, which is now only available through a handful of select boutique and trade printers across Australia.

We use only Heidelberg press’s in the delicate thermo printing process. Slow drying ink is used through the initial image printing and then an embossing powder, made from plastic resins, is spread across the print medium. A vacuum system then removes excess powder from the non-print areas and the powder is “baked” to create the final raised effect.

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